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4: Re: Context Problems (response to 3)
Posted by Tilmann Singer on
For experimentation you might want to start by trying to enter the value directly as text, like that:

<property name="context>Test</property>

I don't think you can pass multirows directly as the context property - as far as I know they are something different than a simple list. Maybe you want to use db_list_of_lists instead.

Also did you make sure that the parameter that switches the context bar on is set correctly? It's in acs-subsite I think, and some time ago it was set to 0 by default.

5: Re: Context Problems (response to 4)
Posted by Roger To on
Thanks for the help!

I've got things paritally working.

Seems that i had two problems.

Firstly i was using an old master adp page that didn't conform with the new standards and secondly the input i had passed was a multirow rather than a list