Forum OpenACS Q&A: 4.6.1.b2 full text search reload

Posted by bob phillips on
In my continuing education for openacs... here's an interesting one.

I mounted search and tried it; the search reported the
driver wasn't installed. I looked at the paramenters and
notice that it was looking for .031 & I had .02, so I changed
where it was looking for the .02 source.

Now the server won't come up and no log entries accompany the

Can I just remove the package and replace it with a new one.
Or would it make sense to comment out the loading of the driver (.02 driver) and then uninstall search?

Posted by bob phillips on
ok my mistake on the server not restarting. I had zeroed the
log file while root and the service wouldn't start because
it was unable to load the logfile.
Posted by bob phillips on
however in the log I see a

AcsSc Function not found message. Since the 3.1 wasn't there when the initialization was running the first time, I presume.

I guess I'll go off and see about reloading, to get the info.

Posted by bob phillips on
ah yes ... the documentation. I went back and looked at the
4.6 install document & found the install method had changed.
I'm working on getting things installed with openfts 3.2 now.
Loading the tsearch.sql isn't happening, but progress, I think.