Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Outdated XML libraries?

Posted by Roberto Mello on
Neophytos had AOLserver running with tDOM instead of ns_xml a long time ago. He sent me his modifications. I'll post them to my website (url coming) so people can see the diff's.


Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on

It would be interesting to see Neophytos's diffs. I recently swapped ns_xml for tDOM and started to clean up the OpenACS code, which is how this thread started. Chances are that my modifications include those of Neophytos. I would love to compare notes with his approach.

When would be a good point to commit these changes to CVS? Remember this will break backwards compatability unless we explicitly support tDOM and ns_xml at the same time. Do we care about support for ns_xml when tDOM has become the prefered XML library? If so how long should both libraries be supported? More food for thought...