Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: nsd aborts when restarted after apparently successful openACS installation

The ns_uuencode patch in the OpenACS distribution is indeed broken, and I think it could cause the crash you are seeing.  I just submitted patch #698741 at SourceForge four days ago so it definitely isn't in any version of AOLserver.  You shouldn't need to apply it though, as OpenACS works around the issue in Tcl if the patch is not applied.  (As opposed to an applied but broken patch.)

If you really despise Tcl, don't like patching things, or want a simple out-of-the-box solution, then the OpenACS toolkit probably isn't a good match for you.  It includes over 170,000 lines of Tcl alone and has all the complexity that implies.

re the ns_uuencode patch, i didnt apply it because it was unclear to me exactly how to do so.

same for the -g flag.

Its not that i dont mind patching things, or want an out of the box solution, but i DO want something that will basically WORK out of the box, even if I have to customise it later to do what i want. ie it would be nice if the aolserver would actually run so i could then have a working system to work with!

With the amount of free software out there, it is a huge deterrent if something does not at least compile and install and work in some basic way out of the box... because if it doesnt, how do i know whether it is worth wasting more time on, or whether i should try something else?

if I had a working aolserver i would at least be able to experiment a bit with the openACS packages and see if i can tolerate the tcl api. but thats impossible if the aolserver doesnt work out of the box