Forum OpenACS Development: Re: AOLServer 4.0 hang on shutdown fixed

Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
I think we need to wait for nsopenssl 3.0, updated installation documentation, and perhaps some more non-core module cleanup and testing before making 4.0 the recommended distribution.  I don't know of any modules other than nsopenssl that need serious work.  Some of the db drivers still need to be updated to match the extracted nsdb.  Non-core modules probably need work to be vserver-aware.

Mark has checked in a first draft of a module author upgrade guide -
I don't think it is on yet.  Mat has also updated the OpenACS distribution with newer modules -

All that aside, the more bugs we can stamp out of the beta the better, so please test away and report bugs on SourceForge!  The ACT is currently slogging through dozens of previously ignored ticket items, but new bugs are obviously getting priority.

Posted by Jeff Davis on
I mailed Scottg and he said that he is shooting for a beta shortly and so there should be a working nsopenssl around when 4.0 is final or soon after.

I have not tried to build nsfts for 4.0 so that might be an issue as well. Has anyone else played with it under 4.0?