Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: cheap Dell servers for next 4 days

Posted by Fred Yankowski on
It looks like a good deal and I've ordered a system.

But I've since heard that some of Dell's low-end servers have quirky on-board hardware that is not supported by some Linux distributions -- Debian in particular.  Does anyone know if the video and NIC chips on the motherboard are supported by the latest Debian release?

Posted by Roberto Mello on
If it's supported by the Linux kernel (for Debian GNU/Linux, Debian GNU/Hurd is a different story) then there's no reason for it not to work on Debian, just like any other distribution. Unless of course, that distribution includes proprietary drivers (which I don't believe is the case with Red Hat).

I haven't heard anything about lack of support on the Dell machines, especially since Dell gives you the option of having Red Hat pre-installed. I don't think they would have a separate configuration for Windows and Linux, but that's a possibility.