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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Also, if by "around 3.0" you mean ACS 3.0, there was never any "ACS database Tcl API" per-se as far as I can recall. Just the ns_db API provided by AOLserver plus a bunch of useful ACS helper procs - aids to using the ns_db api, not wrappers or replacements.

I think the AOLserver people are still discussing what to do about hosting non C code modules and applications.

But regardless, the OpenACS db API should always live and be maintained in the OpenACS CVS, since OpenACS is almost certainly going to stay the most active user and developer of the code for a long, long time. What would be very nice is for it and other OpenACS Tcl utility code to be very easily packaged up and used in other Tcl environments. (Not necessarily just AOLserver either, although that's the first and most biggest step.) Which is a much different issue from whose CVS server the code lives in.