Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: nscache.dll and nssha1.dll ?

Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
1-3.  These don't look like Windows-specific errors to me, but rather mismatched PostgreSQL/OpenACS/dotLRN versions.  Which cvs tags specifically did you use?

4.  Try adding --stderr C:\postmaster.log to your cygrunsrv line, you will then get a log of the problem postmaster is running into during the startup.  (You will have to "cygrunsrv -R postmaster" first.)  I didn't have any problems with PostgreSQL running as a service on my laptop, but after reviewing some mails in the pgsql-cygwin mailing list archive, I think that might be because it is FAT32 and not NTFS.  This may or may not be your problem.

If you are getting the error message "FATAL:  cannot open /usr/share/postgresql/data/PG_VERSION: Permission denied" that means that the account postmaster is running under (LocalSystem if you used my doc) doesn't have the right permissions on the data directory.  I would suggest stopping ipc-daemon, resetting the permissions on the data directory to match those on its parent, deleting cygipc* and MultiFile* in C:\cygwin\tmp\, and then trying to net start ipc-daemon and postmaster.  You'll also want to drop and recreate the acs database as in my step 6.

I should probably update my document to include the creation and use of a separate postgres account as in
I'm not sure if that would fix this particular problem, but it is probably The Right Thing To Do.  If you run into anything else that should be added or clarified in my documentation, please let me know.

Posted by Effendy Zainuddin on
Thank you for your feedback. Will definitely try out your suggestion and let you know what happens. Really appreciate your response.
Posted by Effendy Zainuddin on
With regards to my openacs and dotlRN installation, you are probably right, i'm a bit confused on which cvs tags to use, i'm looking at the following doc for instruction:

There seems to be some updates on the doc, will read it more carefully this time around, and try to download the packages again. Hope no more errors.

Also, my win2k installation is on NTFS, will try out your feedback on the postgress soon and let you know.

I really hope to get the openACS up and running, trying to convince my partners that we should commit a few programmers to the comminity as many of our previous customers (mostly running comercial ECM & KM products) are very keen to explore OpenACS. Anyway, FYI, I did managed to install and run CCM-CORE-CMS 5.1.x on win2k & oracle 8.1.6, and also the APLAWS version, both are quite solid products. Also somehow i stumble upon RedHat CCM-CORE-ECM 1.x which is their new KM application running on top of 5.1.x from their ftp sites, i dun think the are givin this out to the public, but somehow when i did a google search the url came out, installed and run it, seems like another solid application with really good features (I spent a couple of years selling DOCUMENTUM & Autonomy products), but havent fully tested it. The url are as below if you wanna have a look at it:

If it's not there anymore, i can put it up on my ftp sites if you are interested to look at it.