Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Who wants to built .WRK?

Posted by Lars Pind on

You're absolutely right that we need someone to lead this project. I suspect that I'd be the current lead or something, but as you've all noted, I haven't had the time to follow through on this.

So your offer is most welcome.

I think a good place to start would be to catalog the current state of affairs:

- the interested people and what they're willing and able to contribute

- the tasks, what needs to be done, not just in terms of code, but also in terms of design, infrastructure service modules, enhancements, information architecture, etc.

I'm still very determined to present a proposal for a new information architecture/user interface scheme around the time of the conference here in Copenhagen, but people shouldn't be waiting for me before taking action.

In fact, we should have visible project leads for all of our subprojects --, documentation, dotWRK, CMS, dotLRN, etc. -- but that's another story.


Posted by Jeroen van Dongen on
Well, in that case I propose that I'll start the cataloging job - starting with the people listed in the 'people' section of the current dotWrk project page.

Somewhere in the coming 2-3 days I'll craft a mail and send it to that list in order to probe for interest and capabilities.

Parallel to that action I'll see if I can come up with a proposal for a 'plan of attack'.

How can I publish any results in that area on the project page?