Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Preliminary vision statement open for discussion

Posted by Nick Carroll on
Hi Jeroen,

What I meant by "reporting at a micro-level" is having developers report their effort spent on a task upon completion.  I was coming from a software project management angle, as I have worked for a company developing software project management tools.  Some of our clients were defence contractors that were trying to achieve a higher CMM level, and therefore had mature software processes in place.  Maybe I was thinking too far ahead, or beyond the scope of what we want for now.


Posted by Jeroen van Dongen on
I know what you meant - still, that only works in very few environments. Of course there's no reason why we would not link the timekeeping app to the project rep and let people book time against actual (project) tasks instead of projects.

In fact, I think that would be fairly elegant. That way each time a person gets assigned a task, be it in the context of a project or in an operational context he's instantly able to book time on that particular task. By making the UI intiutive, it doesn't matter to the user whether they book on projects or on tasks. Whether or not you use that kind of detailed info is another case, but then at least it's there.

On a related topic: I was thinking a bit further about my own remark about posting something in alt.projectmgm etc. Could we perhaps setup a survey to 'poll' for what people think of as 'the ideal set of tools'? Not that we should build that - just to get ideas.

Or, Nick, have you already encountered such a thing?