Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Set the skins for the package

Posted by Peter Marklund on
you can specify the master template to use in the ACS Subsite instance that your package is mounted under (remember that the Main Site is also of type ACS Subsite). Visit /admin/site-map and click on the "set parameters" link for the subsite in question.
Posted by Vamshi Krishna Kaniganti on
hi peter marklund
thanks for the reply
i don't want to set the template of the main site, and neither the way which is given in the /packages/skin demo , were ur package will be a sub site under the ACS subsite.
i am able to do it programatically like setting the <master src=/packages/skin/master/curly >
instead of that i want to create a new application and set the skins for that , how the ACS Subsite is setting it