Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Set the skins for the package

Posted by Peter Marklund on
I think you could use a master template for your package that all the pages use. In the package master adp file you would say :

<master src="@master_template_path@">

and in the corresponding tcl file:

set master_template_path [parameter::get -package_id [ad_conn package_id] -parameter MasterTemplate]

Posted by Vamshi Krishna Kaniganti on
hi peter
thanks for the reply
i will try out this method

one more doubt i am having , the skins demo which is with the openACS,is not using any  " src=@master_template_path@" there we are setting only the parameter which will be the subsite of ACSSubsite how can they set it with out using the src
they r just setting it in the default-master parameter

using in the page like