Forum OpenACS Development: Newbie tip

Posted by Ben Koot on
If you want to customize the look of your website, the easiest way to start is to edit the template that gets wrapped around every page. The master template is the file /web/snorri/www/default-master.adp. An ADP file is almost like HTML, except with a few extra bells and whistles . You almost certainly also want to customize this page, your front page. To do that, edit the files /web/snorri/www/index.adp and /web/snorri/www/index.tcl.

If you don't want to go into the source, but still need a more attractive index page, there is a simple alternative.

1. Go to your sitemap.
2. Install new subfolder on /main.
3. name = index (or any other description that makes sense to you)
4. select page module.
5. Create a html page in your editor and voila...

You end up with an index page, embedded in the ACS environment, which can easily be updated by clicking the edit link . here's how it