Forum OpenACS Q&A: Wow. Openforce shutting down, Ben leaving. How is open source/OACS treating folks trying to earn a living with it?

Don't know what happened at Openforce or if Ben or anyone would care to share.  But am wondering how it's going for those folks trying to earn their livings working with open source or OACS site building, etc.

It doesn't seem too promising when MIT graduates don't seem to be making a go of it.  Would very much appreciate insight and opinions on both how things are now out there for those considering trying to earn their living working with open source or building OACS sites for others -- and advice on how best to maximize chances for success; what the future is likely to hold in this regard.

My deepest condolences for any developers out there having a hard time of it, BTW.

Thanks and best wishes to one and all!!


Several small companies appear to be doing fine.  I'd say a higher percentage of folks working on OpenACS are paid at least some money to do so than is true for your average Open Source project of our size.

Times are extremely tough here in the US, as I'm sure you know.  I know a couple of kids who just got their MS in Computer Science and can't even get interviews locally, while two-three years ago they would've had a healthy job offer before graduating.