Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Notification installed but unable to mount

Posted by Eric Wolfram on
I did another install of 4.6.1 and the notifications seams to have caused another issue on the new server. Applications that depend on notification being there -- forums, blog, ect -- they all give errors concerning notifications.

This was eventually resolved by restarting the server two times. I think that the issue may be with the order that the applications are installed. I really scewed things up on my last server by trying to uninstall (unmount and delete) notifications. I trashed my database but I learned a lot...

Eric,  I am also facing the same problem.  I found this problem after getting erros in the Forums.  After creating the Forums when i go for forum-view it gives error dump.  after a long search I suspect the notification module but not yet fixed.  Really one problem with the .LRN is the installation order.  I too got many problems in the installation.  I crashed the db 3 times and started installing ..  still not able to solve it.  I am ready to provide as much information as possible to correct the installation as well as mounting of notifications.. although I am starting the .LRN now only..