Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OACS Homepage Template/ETP Implementation

Posted by Eric Wolfram on
Hi, I'm setting my site up with the same implementation and I could use just a bit more clarification (if anyone is subscribed to this thread still).

My question is: What is the end result of setting up the home pages with ETP? Does the "edit this page" link appear at the bottom of the home page to give certain people the privalage to edit that center content area -- the @pa.content@

I know how it's grabbing content from news, and box-master and all -- but I'm wondering if the center content is then editable?

Posted by Randy Ferrer on
Exactly Eric. For the example, @pa.content@ holds content authorized for publication via ETP. If all is set-up correctly, what happens is that an Edit-This-Page link appears on the home page assuming that you are an administrator. This takes you to the ETP interface allowing you to edit the content for that page or section of a page. This depends on your ETP set-up of course. In the case of's home page, you can write, edit and publish or make live -which ever terminology you prefer - the center content which is then sourced into the page via @pa.content@ on the adp page. I hope this clarifies a bit, but it sounds like you have the hang of it 😊