Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Stopping the Students login After expiration

Posted by VenuMadhav Deevi on
Hi Peter Marklund,
  I am storing the student details in a table by name user_valid having fields user_id, group_id, start_date, end_date.
  From this http://our_url:portno/index we are getting the email and the password what the student has typed in login page. Once we are able to get these values before these are validated by the openacs subsite page(register/user-login) i putting a TCL file in which i am checking for the date validation .
  If the student is valid i.e. if his end_date > currenttimestamp then these details were redirected to the openacs subsite page(register/user-login) other wise i am stopping him sending a new error page generated by myself.
  In case if the user is not a student i am redirecting to the openacs subsite page (register/user-login).
  I am handling little bit code of openACS. So this is what i have done. Plz tell me whether i can go in a very simple manner than this.
  One more i also want to have extra two more fields for start_date and end_date details when a new user is created using Add User portlate of dotlrn how i can add them.
    So plz help me out as soon as possible
Thanking You.

D.Venu Madhav.