Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Harvard Open Source Courseware

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

Took a quick look at the info online... could not find a demo or download though.

Here is an interesting (historical) text pulled from (description and proposal for H2O):

"In its ideal form, H2O would be fully integrated courseware and peer-to-peer community. [...] The main disadvantage of this kernel design is the extra cost and complexity of developing the courseware itself. It is a difficult project to do well, and one that is not central to the H2O core idea. Fortunately, however, two projects are already underway that have great potential to alleviate this problem. The Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI), [... and] In particular, ArsDigita, a commercial but open source software development company that focuses on platforms that foster community has recently adapted its standard platform for use as educational software.

The ArsDigita platform, the ArsDigita Community System (ACS), already has a significant programming and development community built around it as well as numerous companies in the business of installing and maintaining it for interested institutions. [...] This approach has the advantage of working within a well-established community already developed around the software. [...] it is possible that ArsDigita and the ACS community might be supportive of such a project."

Here is a recorded talk that gives a good idea of what the "Rotisserie" is (which seems to be central to H2O):

Nice idea (seems to be the main thing going for H2O right now - and I am sure it fits well in a law classroom). If someone gets the itch and we can not integrate it I am sure we could add something similar to the forums package.