Forum OpenACS Q&A: Agreement opensourced -- contract for OpenACS -- feedback wanted

Hi All,
I wrote a proposal to implement an OpenACS server and I already published it on the internet so google will eventually get it. But I want to post it here too -- so that the community might benefit and so that I might benefit from your feedback.

So, I know the smart people who read these boards probably charge a lot more then me -- so don't make fun of me -- but I think this agreement is a good place for someone to start (just change the schedule and costs to fit your clients expectations...)

I'm interested in hearing impressions of that document...(of course, consult a lawyer before using that agreement because I am not one and I'm probably under a different law then ya'll -- SF, CA, USA --  and I usually use agreements like that to go along with another, more general non-employee agreement which covers other legal stuff.)

Have a wonderful day,

You might want to be more specific whether you want to be billed by the hour or whether you sell a packaged good. If the latter is the case (as I assume it to be your idea), you need to be VERY specific of your deliverables, otherwise you might be held reliable for things you did not even think are in the specs, but some lawyer can arguement that it is implicitly there. Take this with a grain of salt though as I'm not sure about the law in the US.
Thanks for the feedback. You're absolutely right that this should be more clear. There is a section called "assumptions". That's where I typically place stuff that may seam obvious up front, but which often gets forgotten later in the game. In this case, it's written:

* This proposal is not carte blanche to request unlimited work and it may cap out after 120 hours of service.

How could that be more clear? Upon reflection, I don't like the words "cap out" and I should probably find a clearer way of saying, I should probably leave french out of the contract -- keep the feedback coming...