Forum OpenACS Development: Re: New Application: Time and Expenses Reporting

Posted by Peter Marklund on
thanks for the feedback!

The reason we are mapping log entries to projects is that I envision that is what you need when you do time and expenses reporting in a company - you log your hours within a project.

Of course in addition to the project association a log entry could also be related to some other object such as a bug in the but tracker. I think the Bug Tracker use case is good. I imagine the Bug Tracker would simply use the Logger Tcl API to create a time entry when a bug is created.

As far as categories are concerned we were planning to use CR keywords just like the Bug Tracker does. However, if Timo can do some kind of beta release of his new categories package now (add it in cvs under contrib) we would reconsider. This is not a big project and we hope to finish it soon.

I think the benefit of using a categories package over CR keywords would only really be significant if we expect log entries to share categories with other packages. I guess one could imagine such things as Location, Office, department etc. to be shared with other dotwrk applications. I do think it would be better to map cateogories/keywords to acs objects rather than cr items. Also AFAIK there is no site-wide UI for managing cr keywords, something I assume the categories package will provide.