Forum OpenACS Development: strange etp behavior -- comments appearing as files in content tree

PG - Linux - 4.6.1 -- I got etp set up to modify the content tree like I noticed some strange files appearing in the etp admin tool at the root -- the file appeared to be named after comments someone made in a photo photo albem! So I deleted those file in the etp admin tool. After creating a bunch of other files in another directory, I went back to the root and there were new files that I didn't create. They appeared to be assignements from the workflow module!

What's going on here? Uhhhhh, I hope I didn't blow away the database again.


Hi, I saw this bug on your site referring to this message :)

The older version of edit-this-page you are using sometimes lists content from other packages that store content in the -100 root folder.

THis is because ETP does not subtype content-revision.

I fixed this in newer versions of edit-this-page. There is an upgrade script that _should_ fix it, but if you made any changes or added new content types it might not work, so please test it on a backup of your database first.