Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Workflow + Bug-tracker + Ticket-Tracker Released

Posted by Michael Hinds on

Well done! Much as I like PL/SQL, it's good to see callbacks moved over to Tcl where more interesting things can be done. It's a shame we had to lose the funky graphviz interface, I'd just got used to it and found it useful for getting prototype workflows together very quickly. As you say, it's not ideal for typical flows, but it had it's uses!

We're going to be needing a workflow ticket tracker on a project pretty soon, and we had planned on using the existing (old) one. As things stand, the only real downside to using the new workflow is we'd have to write the front-end bits ourselves, so we're trying to weigh this against the design advantages we'd gain.

Are there any plans to build a front-end for workflow any time soon? If not, and if the new workflow is the solution of choice, we should compare notes to ensure that we (Quest) go the way we (the Community) want to go!