Forum OpenACS Development: RFC: new file type convention for acs-automated-testing

I would like to introduce the following new file structure for acs-automated-testing tests:


(the test word in the filenames is optional)

, where the -procs.tcl file(s) *only* contain ad_proc statements (these are support procs for the actual test code in the -init.tcl files), are of type test_procs and can be watched with the APM.

The -init.tcl file(s) are of type test_init, contain aa_register_case statements and friends, are sourced on server startup, cannot be watched through the APM, but can be re-sourced through the acs-automated-testing UI to avoid having to restart the server when test case code has changed and you want to re-run the tests.

How does this sound? Affected packages are acs-automated-testing, acs-lang, acs-tcl, logger, workflow, acs-datetime, and news.

Posted by Don Baccus on
We use package-key not package_key everywhere else for special files, can we change automated tester to use this convention as well since you're already changing things?
yes of course we'll follow that convention, I should have typed package-key rather than package_key in my posting. Sorry about the confusion.
For the record - I've committed the suggested change.