Forum OpenACS Development: Re: AOLServer 4.5.0 doesn't work on FreeBSD

Posted by Eduardo Santos on
This is the error message:

Warning: modload: could not find Ns_ModuleInit in /usr/local/aolserver/bin/
Fatal: modload: failed to load module /usr/local/aolserver/bin/

The same message appears for the nscache, but nslog works just fine.

Posted by Tom Jackson on
You should probably post to the AOLserver list. You might be making a simple error, or not, but if this is a real problem, only the AOLserver list can resolve it.

My guess is that you are making a simple error due to the change in the compile process. This isn't really documented completely, but for some reason most developers figure out the problem.

Also, although it sounds like you installed AOLserver, did you actually get it installed and working?

I'm asking questions here, but you should post (or cross post) to the AOLserver list to get the best response. The developers that can help you here most likely monitor that list also.

Posted by Tom Jackson on

Actually, after looking at the link for the install script, you should probably talk to the cognovis developers. They are patching AOLserver 4.5, and they make the following statement:

This script assumes a DEBIAN / UBUNTU environment. It has been tested though under Redhat and fedora as well as OS X.
Posted by Martin Matuska on
AOLServer 4.5.0 and a set of modules are available in the FreeBSD ports tree (and as binary packages for i386 and amd64 architectures).

More information on AOLServer ports:

There are OpenACS and dotLRN ports available, too. There will be more dependencies added to these ports in the future.

More information on OpenACS ports:

Location of OpenACS ports:
www/openacs (vesion 5.3.0)
www/openacs-dotlrn (version 2.2.1)

The OpenACS ports have the following dependencies (these are installed automatically with the OpenACS ports):

There is ongoing work on the ports.
These dependencies will be added in the near future but can be installed at this time manually:

I will publish new installation instructions in the OpenACS online documentation soon.

Posted by Eduardo Santos on
That's funny, I couldn't find these ports before. If they exist, I'll try again.
Posted by Eduardo Santos on
I don't think it has anything to do to the patches, because AOLServer compiles and works with no problem. The thing is in the compiled modules for the OpenACS (nssha1 e nscache), wich AOLServer just can't load.