Forum OpenACS Q&A: Vembu Technologies automatic SQL dialect translation

Thought this might be of interest to some here:

Startup Vembu Technologies has unveiled an SQL conversion tool that's designed to parse any relational database dialect and automatically convert SQL queries into other SQL dialects.


Vembu, of Chennai, India, is offering a 30-day free evaluation of SwisSQL, which can be downloaded here. The company is also offering free technical support during the evaluation period.

Pricing for a single-developer license for the SwisSQL API is $495. The SwisSQL console GUI costs $145 per user.

Of course, there's more than just the SQL dialects involved in porting to another database, e.g., the semantics of Oracle MVCC vs. the way MS SQL Server does things. But presumably this sort of tool could be useful for speeding porting between databases, depending just how well it really works.

well, it WAS announced april 1 :)

if they're serious though there's a number of problems I'd be curious about

* they say they support MySQL, so does that mean all the sql they generate is at that lowest common denominator?
* I don't see anything about converting procedural language...  just doing "standard" queries isn't very impressive, especially with how ANSI-compliant the big names are getting lately
* the only other thing that would impress me is if they did some kind of autoconversion of queries that accessed system catalogues and I strongly doubt they do that either

If you take a look by all means post but I don't see anything that gets my hopes up.  (Another point of evidence is, if they solved any REALLY tough problem they'd charge a lot more than $150 for it. :)

Hi Friends,

Vembu Technologies product line was taken over by AdventNet Inc ( in Dec 2003. Now the products are sold under the brand SwisSQL. (

SwisSQL offers a wide range of database migration products which includes SQL, Stored Procedure and Data migration.

SwisSQL Console product which is discussed in the above thread has also been enhanced since its release in April 2003 considerably. Now it offers comprehensive SQL migration (DDL, DML and Select queries) across Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. Its still offered at the same price range, but with drastically improved quality.

SwisSQL also offers Stored procedure migration products which migrates stored procedures (PL/SQL, Transact SQL and DB2 SQL) across Oracle , Sybase, SQL Server and DB2 UDB database.

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SwisSQL Team.