Forum .LRN Q&A: .LRN Meeting Notes (2007-03-13)

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OpenACS IRC on freenode

1. Selva theme: consensus is that we will not be supporting this theme for the 2.3 release (unless someone volunteers to make sure it happens). Note: The correct way for it to happen is to make a copy of the Zen css and supporting files and implement Selva using those files.

2. Sloan theme: the sloan theme is the current default and will likely work in 2.3, but Zen will be the new default in 2.3. Did not discuss how theme switching will work, but Zenified packages use new css defs that aren't in sloan's dotlrn master. Stuff will work, but might not look perfect.

3. Dhogaza will post more info about 1 and 2 in the forums at some point

4. Layout page: redwylie took what dhogaza put together for laying out Zen portlets and made look better. The layout page should be checked for compliance and will use tables for now. Update: Emma cleaned up the very ugly procedure that generates the layout so it passes.

5. Olga had questions about getting involved in Spring conference organization. She wanted to know if open organization will be possible like in Boston.

6. New meeting time b/c of daylight savings time changes around the world. Starting on March 27th 2007 .LRN meetings will be at 16:00 GMT

Posted by Don Baccus on
No, Sloan theme will not work without help from the community ...