Forum OpenACS Development: Improving navigability and readability of start page

I moved the package links on the start page up so you don't have to scroll down all the time.

When I thus had the package links and the right "Quick Links"  bar side by side I noticed how the Quick Links bar has a lot of links that duplicate links in the main site packages list. Shouldn't we remove those?

I also noticed how the Quick Links bar uses names for core packages that are much more readable to an outsider (Docuemntation instead of ACS Core Documents, API Documentation instead of ACS API Browser etc.). Shouldn't we adopt adopt those names as instance names for those packages so that we can enjoy them in the site map as well?

Yes, no more scroll down!
My opinion is to remove the duplicates, and about the adopt those as instances names I think yes, better, for keeping standars and easy to read (not various names for the same thing).
thanks, I made the change. Enjoy!
Posted by Don Baccus on
Yeah, this is great.  Our default page has been an annoyance and changes like this make it less so.