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Posted by Ciaran De Buitlear on
I've passed it on to Niall who's looking into getting this working.  (You might know this) there's a few of us here that have been working with the ACS and Openacs for the last few years.  Maybe we should organise an Irish Openacs social?  Are you going to Copenhagen?
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Posted by Ciaran De Buitlear on
Ok  - that was a  reply to Jamie WRT my earlier post but I changed the "Subject" - sorry!
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Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
A Dublin OpenACS social would be fun, though I don't actually know of anyone other than yourselves and myself doing development with it here.  (I've only recently persuaded a few others at MLE to use AOLserver/OpenACS in projects.)  Maybe we should grab lunch sometime?  I can't make it to Copenhagen unfortunately but it sounds like a great event.
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Posted by Ciaran De Buitlear on
There's at least one other guy that I know of.  Come to think of it I checked this out a couple of years ago and got a list together - will look into it and get back to you.  Maybe we could organise lunch sometime next week or the week after.
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Posted by David Cotter on
Hi Jamie/Ciaran

I'm interested. I already had an OpenACS social with Ciaran and the team from Quest a year or so ago.

We should certainly meet up again.

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Posted by Christian Eva on
Just came accross this thread - to bee surprised its an Irish one!

I am not a big contributer - just fiddling around with it and use it in a project.

I am in the North of the North (Limavady - wich is between Derry and Coleraine) but if the time would suit I'd love a Guiness with you at a OACS comallia...

Pls keep me informed!
Christian Eva