Forum OpenACS Q&A: AOLserver connect to remote Oracle

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Sudeep, running Oracle on Windows like that is a rather bizarre Oracle setup. However, the fact that the remote Oracle happens to be on a Windows machine should make no difference on the AOLserver side, the configuration is the same as running Oracle on a remote Linux or Solaris box, which is a common configuration for larger OpenACS sites.

I've never done it, but my understanding is you will need to install the Oracle client libraries on the Linux box running AOLserver. Use TCP/IP connection in AOLserver rather than Beqeath - just make sure that ns_param DataSource has the Oracle instance name you defined in the Oracle Listener (e.g., ora8@ora8). Empty string for ns_param DataSource means use Bequeath, and you don't want that. Something like that. (Some of my Oracle terminology probably isn't quite right.)