Forum .LRN Q&A: no value given for parameter "key" to "_" ...

[07/Apr/2003:10:24:35][13542.3076][-conn0-] Notice: ns_getform using encoding iso8859-1 for charset iso-8859-1
[07/Apr/2003:10:24:35][13542.3076][-conn0-] Notice: RP (35.697 ms): error in rp_handler: serving GET /dotlrn/clubs/musicclub/calendar/cal-item-new?date=2003-04-07&start_time=13&end_time=14
        ad_url "/dotlrn/clubs/musicclub/calendar/cal-item-new" maps to file "/web/dotlrn-demo/packages/calendar/www/cal-item-new.adp"
errmsg is no value given for parameter "key" to "_"
[07/Apr/2003:10:24:35][13542.3076][-conn0-] Error: GET
referred by ""
no value given for parameter "key" to "_"
    while executing
"_ calendar.Title_1"
    invoked from within
"element create cal_item title -label "[_ calendar.Title_1]" -datatype text -widget text -html {size 60}"



This is probably because you have an old version of _ function. You can check it from /api-doc and then searching for "_". If the function is in lang-procs.tcl and takes both the locale and the key as arguments, it's old. There is no lang-procs.tcl file anymore. The _ proc should be in lang-message-procs.tcl and take the key as its first argument.

I ran into this same problem after updating my code from cvs. As I still had the old lang-procs.tcl and it got sourced after lang-message-procs.tcl, I got the wrong version of _ proc.

You should be fine when you remove the lang-procs.tcl and see that you have the latest version of _ proc.