Forum OpenACS CMS: News from Red Hat - CMS, Portals

Posted by Lachlan Myers on
Here's two quotes from

" Content Management System and Portal Server Version 5 grows out of Red Hat's acquisition 15 months ago of Ars Digita, a Westford, Mass.-based provider of Java-based content management. The news comes out of the AIIM 2003 conference here."

"The new edition lets content authors configure a Web interface viewable in any standard browser, create workflows and syndicate their content via RSS integration, the company said. RSS, or Rich Site Summary, is an XML format for syndicating Web content that then can be broadcast to subscribers. It supports role-based permissions and integrates with standard LDAP directories and authentication"

How does this affect OACS CMS? Would I be right in presuming that this will be proprietary? The prices look steep enough!

Posted by Talli Somekh on


Posted by Jun Yamog on
Hi Talli,

I think it does affect OACS in some degree on the CMS and framework level.

On the negative side, because OACS will have to compete for mind share and market share.  Same goes for RHEA (formerly CCM) which has to compete with OACS too.

But I think we should look into the positive side as well.  Both does still have some similarities due to their history.  Some ideas can be borrowed from RHEA and vice versa.

Its really nice having developed on both platforms as you really get hands on comparison between the 2.