Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Calling ad_script_abort from within ad_returnredirect

Ehem....ok, sorry Don, I happened to post this question as you (I swear, it wasn't intentional...) :-) Hmm, maybe I should stay logged in as Don... :-)

The short story of the matter is that Don arrived here in the office and he was jet lagged and went back to the hotel for a nap. Then all of a sudden Mohan told me Don was posting in the forums again. I was wondering how even someone like Don would manage to do that while sleeping in an unconnected hotel room until I realized that I was Don...

So, back to the issue at hand. I guess I'll try to make the change and add the -no_abort flag that Jeff suggested.

Posted by Jeff Davis on
Peter, you will also need to check everywhere it is used to see if the no_abort flag is needed.