Forum OpenACS Development: Re: schema-browser in 4.6 broken for Oracle

Posted by Dave Hwang on
The NULL column is user_tab_columns.data_default, which is defined as a LONG datatype. If it's null, we can't really do much about it in the SELECT statement, because NVL doesn't work on LONGs. The Oracle Docs say that we should use the OCI interface (i.e. the aD oracle-driver) to convert LONG datatypes.

I tried commenting out that column from the corresponding query in the TCL proc "sb_get_table_description" and the error just gets pushed to the next LONG column we select (user_constraints.search_condition). So I commented out all the references to this column as well in "sb_get_table_condition", and the error went away and I could select individual tables from /packages/schema-browser/www/index.tcl. HOWEVER, I'm not familiar enough with Schema Browser to know what information I'm losing by doing this.

I also found a note from Jeff Davis on old WebDB bboard about a modification to the aD oracle driver that makes this problem go away, though it may not be the right way to do it. I don't know what right thing to do is.