Forum OpenACS Development: Re: schema-browser in 4.6 broken for Oracle

Posted by Dave Hwang on
Andrew, Sorry, I didn't answer your question properly (I'm too sleepy). I've only verified that patching v2.6 with Jeff's fix makes Schema Browser work. Where does the official oracle driver live? The AOLServer SourceForge Page shows version 2.6. I checked out the CVS version, and it does not seem to have the fix (and Schema Browser still throws the error). doesn't have a link to any version of the oracle driver.
Posted by Jeff Davis on
The canonical source for oracle and postgres drivers is

I applied and committed that change.

I have used a version of the driver with that change for some time with no apparent problems (although it should be pointed out that other than munging around in the data dictionary LONGs are not used in openacs, so that's not that telling).