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Hi Malte!

We are working in our production cluster with your code
with some small mods. The speed are very increased.

We have since 400 concurrent connections.
If anybody want to know how is our system:


Another patch (line 360, site-nodes-procs.tcl):
db_foreach $query_name {} {
if {$parent_id eq ""} {
# url of root node
set url "/"
} else {
# append directory to url of parent node
if { [info exists url_by_node_id($parent_id)] } {
set url $url_by_node_id($parent_id)
} else {
set url [db_string snid {select site_node__url(:parent_id)} -default ""]
append url $name
if { $directory_p eq "t" } { append url "/" }


THis is excellent news Agustin. If you have the time maybe you can patch the file in CVS HEAD directly and upload it? This would be great.

.LRN Honchos. Is it okay to include the patch above in 5.3 or should I only commit this to the HEAD version of .LRN?