Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Move openacs4.tcl AOLserver config file to real location

Just where is this new config.tcl.txt file exactly? It does not exist anywhere at all on the CVS Head as far as I can see.

Secondly, it certainly is not simpler to "put the structure in the instructions" than it is to provide the correct structure in the first place.

Improvements to the AOLserver config file are easier and more likely to me when you can actually run the file as provided. The currently provided config file is good in its simplicity, but is far from an example of best practices. It is quite feasible to greatly improve it while still keeping it simple.

config.tcl.txt is at /openacs-4.6.2/packages/acs-core-docs/files in the 4.6.2 final tarball. CVS seems to be down so I can't check that right now.

What I mean by "put the structure in the instructions" is that the files in acs-core-docs/files go into various different places, including but not limited to /etc/ and /web/service/etc. And those places may not be the same on different machines and different flavors of OS. So the text of the instructions currently provides the mapping from the catch-all /files directory to the right place in the final install. Since the new "right way" has been vetted only by a few forum threads, I was hesitant to impose that into the file structure. If there's consensus on new file structure that works in most cases, then I agree we should implement it.

Have a look at the new config.tcl.txt (it seemed to be the convention to tack on a .txt to all the various files - perhaps some of them were accidentally interpreted at some point and the convention has outlasted its need? Should we dump the .txt?) - I would love feedback on how it can be improved. I tweaked it a bit to accomodate nsopenssl, and to increase the number of access logs kept so that people don't lose log files before they get around to realizing they need them and where they are, and to put everything in the /web/service structure.

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