Forum OpenACS Q&A: Copenhagen - i18n progress

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

Michael Hinds, Carl Blesius, Lars Pind, Michael Hebgen, Jan BM Karlsson, Frank Nikolajsen, Diana ben-Aaron, Ramiro Gomez, Nenad Cuturic

Summary of Discussion


The translation work has been put on hold until 4.6.2 comes out. At that point the improvements in 4.6.2 will be merged into the head (which has the i18n work)

Here is a list of some of the things that need to be done:

We need to look for more funding to get these things done.

All Core applications have been internationalized as well as all packages that are used in .LRN there are still some that need work.

There are still problems with the message keys. An example from Serbian: context, noun cases (8-9), number/gender/case agreement of determiners and other pre-modifiers such as adjectives, reuse of individual terms on different pages causes difficulties

Timezones: Not a difficult job. All date fields in the toolkit need to be made "time zone aware". Lars will write a little howto.

Some Suggestions from people in the group:

Making it possible to change the source and target languages, e.g. translating from a Serbian to a Croatian version.

Adding i18n UI: Translate all messages on this page button.

Integration of workflow into the translations process so that contributed translations can be approved (allowing "gatekeepers" for translations that can accept or override suggestions).

Recommendations and Decisions

Get package developers guide to a point so others can use it to internationalize unfinished packages and fix and improve others. In order to answer this kind of question: How do I create an internationalized package?

Find more funding.

Posted by Rafael Calvo on

We, at WEG, will be able to contribute with someone translating to Korean, and maybe someone else to chinese.

I'll put you in contact with them