Forum OpenACS Q&A: Copenhagen - External Authentication


Simon Carstensen, Bernt Pettersen, Mohan Pakkurti, Cato Kolås, Michael Hebgen, Al Essa, Lars Pind, Bruno Mattarollo

Summary of Discussion


Heidelberg, Collaboraid, and others have been working on the specification here:

Further development was on hold until the meeting in Copenhagen so we could work on collaborative funding for the project.

Who is going to be invovled:

Heidelberg, MIT, Bergen, (we hope - not present), Greenpeace, University of Copenhagen (we hope - not present)

What is going to be the contribution?

Collaboraid: Implementation and coordination
Heidelberg: Funds and coordination
MIT: Funds and People (Funds need to be approved)
Bergen: Funds and People (Funds need to be approved)
Greenpeace: Funds and People (Funds need to be approved)

What is needed:

LDAP, Kerberos, RADIUS, Active Directory, ???

Getting users into the system from external sources and synchronizing these users. IMS based API sync? Other suggestions?


Work on mutual project specification and have it done by the start of May. Target end for this project: late June

Open Questions

Who else wants to join to make this happen?