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I find and are in with this GNU project how is develop open streaming media - VideoLAN - at École Centrale Paris. I´m intrested in the near future to start OPEN ACS project in this field if it´s possible?
That will be great Jan!
I did in the previous version of openacs 3.x an integration with Icecast (what is a audio streaming server), so I think you can make it work in some way successfully.
What are your plans?
What are you lookinf for?
Posted by Jan BM Karlsson on
Hi! Can you tell us more about Icecast, i think i´ts intresting? What im looking for and neeed? We need production tools (client)their we can sync slides with streaming audio. Presentation over internet with slides and audio/video streaming is very common and needed. Streamingserver with webbpresentation, connective or/and integrated with dotLRN/Work. This content should index and puts in a database to the activity you will link to. Streamingfiles puts and store in the dir for activity on Streamingserver . Search engine from a streamingportal/webbsite at Streamingserver so you can search files, date,course, subject and author. Automatic publisher and automatic remove of files and archive. Seems like a small OPEN ACS project or integrate with now living tools? Regards Janne BM Karlsson
Posted by Ben Koot on

This will also be an interesting project to link inro dotWRK

Also the recent event in Copenhagen where Mohan did the live blogging an extension like this would have been great as the event was put on video aswell.


Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Hello Jan,

I'm as well interested in what you have in mind there. We talked a lot about CMS during the OpenACS social and treating streaming data as one asset would be a huge benefit as well. That is, if you are talking about embedded streaming within the browser.

Otherwise I can imagine using streaming media as one other type of content like files and html pages that could be categorized and linked with the streaming server.

Well, its really something cool to integrate streaming media (video) into openacs, more like a package, then you can extend to your own needs.
I'm wondering in what are you thinking to achieve syncronization between a web presentation and an online video streaming?
I'm working on wimpy-point, which is our online web presentation package.
The video streaming server should send something to wimpy-point to move to the next slide, but automaticly?
or manually in the case that the video stream is live?
I've thinked about this before, having wimpy-point to move to the next slide automaticly for all the users connected at a given time, this controlled by the presentation manager. So in this way we can have also live video streaming and then, the presentation administrator can move the slides for everybody. More like a virtual presentation session.

About Icecast is just a audio streaming server, 1.3.x is for MP3 (not supported anymore) and 2.x are of Ogg Vorbis.

Posted by D_D Nona on
hi there!
Try this tool:
It converts ppt and pps to video.