Forum OpenACS Q&A: Recommended Linux kernel?

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
I suspect many OpenACS developers out there end up as ad-hoc Sysadmins and DBAs, so, Linux gurus, what kernel version do you currently recommend for a production Linux server, and why? I'm interested in any info and opinions in general, but some of my current questions/concerns are:

I want ReiserFS and dual CPU (AMD Athlon MP) support.

What are the ramifications of using a non-SMP kernel on an AMD SMP Linux box? For example, using the stock non-SMP kernel that your distribution initially installed... (I used the Debian 2.4.18 bf2.4 kernel.) Does that mean the system can be unstable due to missing mutex locking in the kernel? Or that it will be stable but 1 cpu will go completely unused? Or?

For those of you also running Debian, the Debian Reference manual has some info on building custom kernels, but it's not what you'd call comprehensive. I tried building Debian-packaged kernel sources from Testing on a Stable machine, and it didn't work at all - I think due to build tool dependencies, but I don't remember exactly now. In that case, I think the options are to upgrade everything to Testing (which I don't want to do), or use non-Debian kernel sources. What do you recomend, going about it the Debian way as described in the manual (use make-kpkg, etc.), or in some other fashion?

Any other tips or advice? Thanks!