Forum OpenACS Q&A: unable to load but LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set

Trying to load the latest nsjava, it says it's enabled, but then I get a message saying "Unable to load"; however, I have updated LD_LIBRARY_PATH for both root and nsasmin.

[17/Apr/2003:08:43:22][19684.1281041][-sched:99-] Error: invalid command name "ns_java"
[17/Apr/2003:08:43:46][19684.3076][-jvm-] Notice: Shutdown signalled: Main java thread exiting
[17/Apr/2003:08:43:47][31285.1024][-main-] Notice: modload: loading '/usr/local/aolserver/bin/'
[17/Apr/2003:08:43:47][31285.1024][-main-] Notice: ModuleInit: nsjava ENABLED
Unable to load It's probably not in your library path when you start aolserver. Standard install puts in the aolserver bin directory, so you need to add that directory to LD_LIBRARY_PATH before you start aolserver