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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
This means, there is no relation with "Last Visited" or "Most popular". Is there an earlier error message in the log from the same query? View-book works for me in several instances and on (see e.g.

i have added two log statements to view-book.tcl in CVS head. Please update and see, what the lines starting with "--last includelet" and "--toc" say.

Posted by Jose Agustin Lopez Bueno on
Hi Gustaf!

Here is the two log lines:

Notice: --last includelet = ::xotcl::__#E, class=::xowiki::portlet::toc 0, ::19070134 ::xowiki::Package->return_page (249ms, 19ms)
Notice: --toc count=0 size=0 indices=, ::19070134 ::xowiki::Package->return_page (249ms, 0ms)


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Ah, you have a book without pages (count=0). Is this intentional? Anyhow, the updated version does not barf in such cases.

The problem does not look version specific for 0.50 to me. I can't see, how this worked before.