Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: cheap Dell servers for next 4 days

Posted by Gilbert Price on
According to this link , only the first 2 IDE chains support hardrives at 33, 66 or 100. So, I bought 3 more identical drives to the one that came with the box and put them on the fist and second IDE controller, leaving the CD-Rom on the 3rd one.

I'm not doing software raid, just too dense to figure it out quickly. The current installation I have is just temporary, I wanted to test for any software vs. hardware issues before I got down to a serious install. Later next week I'll redo the install (and set-up RAID) and keep a complete log of everything I do.

I didn't have any issues with ethernet drivers, in fact I installed a second 32bit 3-Com 3c509 card and both the internal and added card were detected by Redhat 8. Since I had a spare Redhat Network system allocation, I did an immediate RHN update and haven't had any problem with the 3rd IDE controller and the CD-Rom as reported by Dell.

Thanks for the link references, I'll look them up after the kids go to bed. But, overall I'm happy with the box. I'd look up the network driver for you, but I've got it at work and won't see it again until Monday. I'm leaving it there until I get it completely set up and ready for the 'net, then home and on the cable modem!

Oh, according the the docment I referenced about, it's the 3rd IDE controller that's only a 33, that's why Dell says it's for CD-Roms and such, not hard drives.

Good Luck...