Forum OpenACS Development: Re: xowiki 0.37 on OpenACS 5.1.5 woes

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Just to followup my last note.

With OpenACS 5.1.* you are asking for trouble on the long range. OpenACS 5.2 did some significant changes on the datamodel (on acs_objects), OpenACS 5.3 was putting emphasis on code quality (acs-core). Alone between the release of 5.2.3 (the version running on and 5.3.0 there were over 350 changes (mostly fixes) for acs-core. We moved our main platform of the university from 5.1 to 5.2 and recently to 5.3, which is intensively different from the cvs version. You should really consider upgrading.

I often get questions from people not experienced in cvs, how the get xotcl-core or xowiki from cvs head. Once you have CVS installed on your system (most linuxes have this), use the following commands to get the newest version of xotcl-core and xowiki from cvs (the newest version is called the head version):

cvs login
cvs co xowiki xotcl-core

best regards
-gustaf neumann