Forum OpenACS Q&A: IDE ATA/100 bus contention?

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Ah yes, thank you Gilbert, you're right, the first two onboard IDE controllers on the 600SC do support ATA/100. So, now my question is, is attaching two high performance IDE disks to the same ATA/100 controller going to significantly degrade performance due to bus contention?

The conservative approach is to attach only one drive to each port no matter what, but I'm wondering if that's really unnecessary. I couldn't find any definitive answers by searching on Google. Anybody know for sure?

Unfortunately, I really don't have the time and inclination right now to actually set up my hardware both ways (shared vs. non-shared IDE bus) and collect some real benchmark data, so if that's the only way to get a definitive answer I probably won't, I'll just stick in a Promise Ultra100 TX2 two port PCI controller card.