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Posted by Divya R on
I am using AOL32 as my web when I start the server from
Putty Client I haven no errors whatsoever....also wen I type the error
log path:
/usr/local/aol32/log/.... i again get to see all my log files which
are .html,.tcl,.cgi....No probs there as well...

Now I do not know where in I need to type my commands and where can I
view them.....
I have been given the Vim Editor to type codes in Tcl and run to view
the output using %tclsh xxx.tcl

However if I type a code in the vim editor using aolserver commands:
set conn [ns_conn headers] Cookie

and save it as .tcl I am unsble to get any output!! What do I save
these kind of programs wherein I use aolserver commands as well which
already has the tclscipt embedded I believe??????? Is it .adp???

I type this in the Vim editor: -
set conn [ns_conn headers] Cookie
set html " <html>
<body bgcolor="#fffffff" text="#000000" >
Type my text here
ns_return 200 text/html $html

now what do i save this program as??? .adp or .tcl or .html  ?????
Also where do i run such a program from: -

%tclsh, or MSIE4.0 as i have html also here in the code or what????

Thanks in advance,


2: Re: HELP !!!!!! (response to 1)
Posted by David Cotter on
Take a look at Problem Set 1 here - it might point you in the right direction: