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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

I did not have time yet to integrate my tests with automated testing. The "new framework" is not intended for the public, is about one page of code, and is much simpler than the automated testing notation. XOTcl (the language) uses the same "framework" since the beginning. It is simply the case that i am much faster developing tests this way. Nobody has to learn it, it is just for me. Read it this way: this file escaped from my environment, it is not documented, dave just saw it by observing the changelog of the cvs commits, he was curious, what it does and run it. Most probably, the test cases (containing the "framework") should be removed from cvs in order to avoid confusions.

Btw., these test cases of xowiki cannot be done via selenium. It seems that i have missed the consensus (most likely my fault), and i do not understand what "integrating" means (Selenium Core?, Selenium IDE?, Selenium RC?, all of these? with automated testing or just by-packing?). In my personal opinion, Selenium IDE is no big win over tclwebtest, since it can easily conflict with javascript based GUIs, ajax etc., which are becoming more important these days.