Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Tcl Web Services Toolkit: TWiST

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Contrary to perception, I looked at the inspect code before working on anything and have to say, I do not share your believes. But that is fine. I would only suggest to keep the proc definition and the arg_parser close to each other, as is already hard to read but with both of them seperated it is even harder (again, only in my opinion and I do not have to rely on it).

My suggestion for ad_proc also and solemnly was referring to the procedures which we are actually using to create the webservices, not the auto generated code. Obviously that would be a little bit harder to achieve. Though I still think having support for < wsdl:documentation > would come in handy (but maybe it already does this and I just did not find in the documentation where). The way I would probably find ist useful:

< ws >type pattern datetime::year $yearAnchored xsd:integer documentation:"Year of the datetime"

Or use the way your hated (sorry :-) ) ad_proc does it for procedures

< ws >proc ::datetime::DayNameFromNumber {
} {
Returns the day of the week for a given number
} {
return .....
} returns {DayName:datetime::dayName}

Please be not offended by this suggestion. If you don't like it throw it away. I would be pleased to see your suggestions for creation and integration of < wsdl:documentation > tags, especially using the < ws > procedure.