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Posted by Lars Pind on
Hm. This is tricky.

There are probably generally 3 types of objects (thinking out loud here):

- Internal stuff like acs_rels, parameter values, etc., which should never be listed, and some of them maybe not even be acs-objects in the first place. Alas, they currently are.

- Actual content, which can be multilingual, and which mostly should probably go in the content repository. These could be multilingual in the case of broadcasting/CMS, sometimes unilingual in the case of user-contributed content in a community.

- In-between stuff like actions and states in a workflow, categories in a categorization package, projects and variables in a logger applications. These will generally need to be i18n'd, since they're going to be integrated into the user experience, e.g. tightly integrated into the navigation. On the other hand, I'm not sure how frequently you'll want to actually browse by category?

Maybe what we need is a catalog of the types of objects that we have and expect to have, and we can determine how they should best be handled? Where's Jeff when you need him? :)