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Posted by Dirk Gomez on
Yeah, I got that: the categorization package already is multilingual. However now we are trying to make it perform better and may want to change acs_objects...and the discussion is about acs_objects, not the categorization package.

It should be properly thought through - that's my wish. I I don't like the current solution with - see my previous postings on it - , however replacing the PL/SQL proc with a simple columns fails another design goal: we'd be replacing a *really* bad solution performance-wise (which seems to have affected only a few sites yet) with a really bad solution I18N-wise.

Localized content needs to be stored somewhere. Why not pull out all user-facing textual information from acs_objects - maybe into a table called acs_objects_description - and make this table locale-dependant. An index on object_id+locale on acs_object_description will make an access relatively light-weight. (Long lists may lead to expensive joins)